We help you monitor your crops health through satellite imagery.

Optimize your resources by understanding the variability of your parcels thanks to satellite images.

Access now to the latest Sentinel 2 Satellite Imagery

Our web and mobile solution allows you to access to the latest images from the european satellite Sentinel-2. Apply advanced filters like NDVI and EVI to check the health evolution of your crops.


Analyse the crops that matter to you

Whether you are a farmer or produce operator better real-time understanding of crops evolution will reduce your risks and increase profitability.

Identify problems in your irrigation system.

Identify problems in your irrigation system.

Detect irregularities in your irrigation system.

Compare different managements

Compare different managements

Compare the evolution of your crops with different varieties, fertilizers...


Understand the variability of your parcels

Locates irregularities in your large parcels

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Available for mobiles and tablets

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